Cornellà – Metropolis Barcelona | October 17-18 2022


Looking at innovation for the metropolises of tomorrow


The international congress MetroSolutions will present and discuss possible solutions to the great current metropolitan threats and challenges that different metropolises are facing around the world.

The two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to rethink those threats and challenges. Now, the unjustified war in Ukraine and the military escalation in the area have involved changes in International geopolitics and in the fragile balance of our economy, and have entailed a humanitarian tragedy of people displaced by the conflict. These facts have once again highlighted the importance of resilience and adaptation of cities and metropolises to conflict and post-conflict contexts.

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) wants to enable a meeting space to synthesize and debate on the new emerged scenario at the geopolitical level, as well as at economic, social and health levels, which requires innovative solutions to cover citizens’ needs. Finally, this year marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Urban Agenda, so this is a good time to assess its performance and its metropolitan dimension.


Anatomy of metropolises: definition, scope, governance and association, services provision, relationship with other levels of government and relationship with the rural environment.

Implementation of metropolitan policies for economic, social and territorial inclusion and cohesion; strategies and actions to take into consideration citizens’ interests and needs (diversity, gender…) within metropolitan policies and services; and equality of citizens’ rights and obligations. 

Public administration modernisation in relation to the digital and ecological transition; implementation and design of metropolitan strategic infrastructures; innovation to address the post-covid era; strategies to transform fast-growing metropolises within impoverished territories with scarce resources; and consolidating cities in territories in conflict situations. 


A solution is an effective response to a problem, question or issue.

To a metropolitan need, demand or challenge.

Identify challenge. Then, provide solution.

  • They are connected to metropolitan policy and plans
  • They are multidimensional (social, economic, community dimension…)
  • They are multi-stakeholder (private sector, public sector, non-profit…)
  • They are multilevel (not only at metropolitan level)
  • Innovative in nature
  • Inspired or responding to the Global Development Agendas
  • Contribute to urban construction
  • Combine a typology of actions resulting from the sum of infrastructures and programmes, and are evaluable for the whole population and the whole territory (inclusive: for people and for cities)
  • Ideally built with the participation of citizens and key stakeholders
  • They are scalable to other metropolises and challenges


17 – 18 October 2022


“The Melting Age” is a journey through over 30 countries on six continents, showing places and situations that demonstrate the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. What we might gain and, at the same time, what we could lose.

Using photographs taken at the end of the 20th century and throughout the 21st, the aim is to narrate how humanity’s great challenge in the coming decades is being tackled and how the climate crisis has been with us for a long time. We should not be suddenly surprised now.

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Metropolises on the 2030 horizon

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