María del Pilar Tellez

Lawyer, Magister in Urban and Metropolitan Studies, Specialist in Urban Strategic Thinking, international expert in territorial development with emphasis on metropolitan and regional management and public policies. With 20 years of experience in the Colombian government sector, she supporting the development of normative and regulatory frameworks and leading public policy and planning strategies and projects.

She is currently a consultant for the Policy, Legislation and Governance Section of UN-Habitat, advising on the development of global normative frameworks for the development of urban policies and regulations, city systems and metropolitan development processes, she has dedicated a large part of her professional practice planning and territorial development, and in recent years focused on metropolitan development. She has participated as co-author in UN-Habitat publications such as Subnational Urban Policy: A Guide (2021), Metropolitan Institutions (2020), Metropolitan Observatories (2020) and Metropolitan Management and Planning Methodologies (2020) and speaker at different international forums on urban and territorial development.

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