Antonella Contin

Research associate at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at University of Politecnico di Milano, coordinator of MSLab – Measure and Scale of the Contemporary City, and scientific and full responsible of International Workshop and Seminar[CBN1] . Her research deals with the Metropolitan Architecture Project, the new sustainable model of urban growth, the smart sensitive city, and new technologies and urban design mapping. She is group coordinator of some EU co-funded research projects. She gave lectures at many international universities. Her recent publications are: Contin, A. et al. Metropolitan Landscapes. Springer, 2021; Contin, A. et al. Training for education, learning and leadership towards a new metropolitan discipline. Inaugural book, CIPPEC, 2021; Contin, A. et al.The Impact of Smart Cities and Technologies on Desakota Region”, in Kumar V., (eds.) Smart Global Megacities. Springer, 2022.

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